Drilling Fleet

Direct Horizontal’s drilling fleet includes its “Maxi Series” rigs and “Light Rig Series” both are well-known to customers to offer safe, efficient drilling operations as well as rapid rig up and high mobility. All “Maxi Series” rigs in Direct Horizontal’s fleet are high performance drilling rigs that are well suited for operating in extreme weather conditions.

Direct Horizontal’s manufacturing team emphasizes matching power with efficiency. Every unit is equipped with high volume pumps and mud management systems that are far beyond industry standards. These systems reduce overall schedules and significantly cut down on disposal costs.

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Rig # Rig Type Model, Size Rated Length
1MAXIAmerican Augers,     DD160,000 1500m
3MAXIAmerican Augers,     DD 700,000 2500m
4MAXIAmerican Augers,     DD160,000 1500m
5MAXI HIGH ANGLEAmerican Augers,     DD300,000 1500m
6MAXIAmerican Augers,     DD440,000 2000m
9MAXIAmerican Augers,     DD1,100,000 2500m
10MAXIAmerican Augers,     DD1,100,000 2500m
13MAXIAmerican Augers,     DD440,000 2000m
19MAXIAmerican Augers, DD440,0002000m
22MAXIAmerican Augers, DD440,000 2000m
NEW 24MAXIAmerican Augers,    DD1,100,000 2500m
14LIGHTDitch Witch,     JT 100 Mach 1 500m
15LIGHTDitch Witch,     JT 100 Mach 1 500m
16LIGHTDitch Witch,     JT 100 Mach 1 500m
20LIGHTDitch Witch, JT 100 Mach 1 500m
21LIGHTDitch Witch,     JT 100 Mach 1 500m
NEW 23LIGHTAmerican Augers, DD240,0001000m
*Rated length varies with final diameter and actual geometry of drill path.