Health & Safety Policy

Safeguarding the health and safety of employees and the environment is a primary responsibility for DIRECT Horizontal Drilling.

Safety/Quality 24/7

Just as we hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to assuring sound HS&E practices, we hold all employees, contractors and suppliers accountable for adhering to our policies and procedures. There is no greater priority than the safety and well being of every person working at DIRECT.

And we are diligent about assuring that safety is a value all DIRECT employees and associates fully embrace. At a DIRECT worksite, everyone is responsible, and everyone is accountable, for the health and safety of themselves and their co-workers.

We believe three areas are key to sustaining a successful Safety Program:

Educate and Empower Employees


All DIRECT personnel are given the knowledge, skills and equipment to help ensure a safe workplace. But it doesn’t end there. Everyone is responsible for hazard identification, accident prevention and is empowered to act in the interest of safety and the environment.



Regularly scheduled intense and methodical inspections of all DIRECT equipment are carried out on a regularly scheduled basis.



Prescribed methods and procedures maximize productivity and minimize risk. Continuous reviews of workplace procedures are a collective and on-going effort between field and operations personnel.

How we think about the environment

In addition to meeting or exceeding the requirements established by the provinces in which we operate, DIRECT holds itself to an extremely high standard of environmental performance.

Because what we do can have lasting effects on communities and protected areas long after we’re gone, DIRECT is committed to acting as an environmental steward.

We are known for partnering with local constituents to assure positive outcomes and to minimize environmental impact.

Evidence of our Commitment

  • ASCA (Alberta Construction Safety Association) Certificate of Recognition
  • Safety Stand Down Participant
  • Alberta Partnership for Injury Reduction
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